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Choosing the best vehicle for your teen driver

We get a ton of questions from parents when they are choosing a vehicle for their teen drivers. 

Here is some of the advice we give to our clients

  • Choose a vehicle that will not require collision and comprehensive. 
    • The physical damage portion of the automobile policy can be expensive so by choosing a vehicle that you don't have to fully cover you avoid paying those rates. 
  • Pay special attention to vehicles that have large blind spots 
    • Some vehicles have more blind spots than others. Picking a vehicle that has fewer blind spots will help your teen from backing into other vehicles or objects. I would stay away from vans and large SUVs 
  • Purchase a newer car if possible
    • Newer cars have more safety features than older ones. Antilock Brakes, Traction Control, and Air Bags are must-have items. 

The IIHS has a ton of great information about choosing the best vehicle for your teen driver.

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